St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

To learn together
and grow
in God's love

Respect & Faith

Values and Aims

The ethos of our school is Christ-centred, where a sense of a welcoming community is encouraged and where Christian values are promoted.

At the centre of all school activities lies our aim to help children deepen their faith and grow in the love of God.

School Values

Values are principles and expectations that guide our thinking and our behaviour – they are valuable goals and aims that are aspired to and reflected through the actions of the children and adults, including the wider community, of our school.

At St Joseph’s, every individual is valued for who they are and what they contribute to the school. Our values are intended to support the personal, social and spiritual development of every pupil throughout the school.

  • Aspiration
  • Community
  • Compassion
  • Faith
  • Respect
  • Responsibility

The following definitions of our values were written with our children to ensure they hold meaning for everyone and that we live them every day:

  • Aspiration: We are ambitious and aim high in our achievements
  • Community: We welcome everyone with a shared sense of belonging and togetherness
  • Compassion: We care about, consider and understand the needs of ourselves and others
  • Faith: We have trust, confidence and belief in ourselves, others and God.
  • Respect: We think and act in a positive way through our words and actions
  • Responsibility: Taking ownership for independent decisions and choices

School Aims

Develop pupils’ understanding of what values are and why they are important in life to support behaviour, resilience and self-confidence.

  • Encourage children to ‘live the values’ in all aspects of their lives both in school and out.
  • Promote values in the way in which adults interact with each other and children, in every aspect of school life.
  • Display our school values and encourage all visitors to take account of them in their time in the school.
  • Enable children to focus upon the positive aspects of themselves that they can value, thereby reminding them of their individual worth, their worth in the school and wider communities and the worth of those communities themselves.
  • To raise standards by promoting a school ethos that is underpinned by core values, to support the development of the whole child as an individual, reflective and responsible learner within an excellent, compassionate, happy and purposeful atmosphere
  • To link our school values with the British Values.
  • Ensuring Equal Opportunities for all, irrespective of culture, race, colour, class and gender.
  • Encouraging understanding and dialogue, in the home, school and parish.
  • Providing a diverse and inclusive curriculum, which promotes pride in and respect for one another’s background.
  • Promoting an interest and enthusiasm in all areas of the curriculum.
  • Enabling pupils to develop qualities of perseverance, resilience and ambition.
  • Enabling children to begin to develop attitudes and values which will lead them to become happy and responsible adults and help them become independent learners.

School Vision 

At St Joseph’s our school vision is to provide a safe, happy and inclusive learning environment. We are dedicated to supporting all pupils to being the best versions of themselves through inspiring a love of God, a love of learning, having high expectations and providing a broad and balanced curriculum both inside and outside of the classroom. By working in partnership with parents, carers and the local community we will unlock the potential that lies within our children preparing them for a bright, happy and successful future.

School Prayer

Heavenly Father - 

Let us aim to be the very best we can be, at all times. 

May St Joseph’s be full of happiness. 

Fill our hearts with love, respect and compassion for all who are part of our school, local and global community. 

Help us to make good choices, and guide us in understanding when we don’t. 

Let us remember, in learning together, we grow together and succeed together, in God’s love.