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Beegu Invasion!

This morning Mrs Keogh came to our classroom to tell us that something mysterious had happened outside school. She told us that she had heard a loud bang come from outside and asked us if we could go an investigate Forest School.

We made our way round to Forest School where we started to notice fallen pieces of metal stuck inside the trees and branches… We got closer and explored the Forest School tunnel which is when we discovered this! A spaceship that looks like it has crashed in our school!

We explored the crash zone and came up with some predictions about what might had happened. We had some fabulous predictions; a space crash landing, an alien invasion, a space chicken who came to visit, a space slug and many more! We carried the spaceship and broken pieces back to class and took the evidence to Mrs Keogh…

Mrs Keogh was so pleased! We noticed some lines in the sky pointing towards school and wondered if this was where the spaceship had travelled from? When we returned to class, we found a new book called ‘Beegu’ and some poems.