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British Science Week 2024

St Joseph's celebrated British Science week this year with a range of science-based activities.  

We kicked off the week with a visit to the Royal Observatory for Years 3, 4 & 5 on 8th March, where they were part of an assembly led by Emily Akkermans, the Curator of Time.

Miss Francis, our Science lead set children a challenge to create a science project based on the theme of 'Time' using recycled materials.  Parents were invitied in to our exhibition and the children spoke confidently when asked about them.  Mrs Bush and Mr Greg, our school governors, along with Fr Patrice and Mrs Weston from the office had the difficult decision of deciding the best ones from KS1 and KS2.  

There were so many amazing creations, they found it really had to make their mind up, so they changed the rules and decided to have the best three from each key stage!  Well done Athena, Phoebe and Kamilla from KS1 and Georgie, Maddie and Francis from KS2.

Everyone who took part recieved a certifiate and the 6 winners recieved a science related prize.

To round off the week, invited parents in to take part in a science activity with their children.  Each class had their own topic.  Parents had so much fun with their children and were able to work with the class and see what their children have been learning.  We'll make scientists of the parents yet!

Pictures here