St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

To learn together
and grow
in God's love

School Uniform

General Uniform

White blouse/White shirt/White polo shirt 

White blouse/White shirt/White polo shirt

Grey skirt/pinafore

Grey plain trousers

Green sweatshirt (with school logo)* £10.00

Plain grey tights/socks

PE Kit

Plain black jogging bottoms/leggings/shorts

Plain white tshirt

Plain white t shirt (with logo) £5.00

School Jumper to be worn

Black Plimsolls/trainers

On PE days children should come into school wearing their PE Kit along with their green school sweatshirt/cardigan

Optional items

Nylon school bag (with school logo)* £7.00

School waterproof coat with hidden hood (with logo) £20.00

School tie (elasticated ties for KS1 can be obtained) £5.00

School uniform items in bold can be ordered online directly from our supplier Casey's via their website