St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

To learn together
and grow
in God's love


What Ofsted think

Inspection of St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Greenwich SE10 9AN

Thank you for making us so welcome when we visited your school. We enjoyed meeting you, hearing your views and spending time in lessons. These are the things we liked best.

Pupils achieve well and make good progress from their starting points. The school’s test results have improved over the last two years from being below average to significantly above average.

Pupils are encouraged to read widely and regularly.

Teaching and learning are good and some teaching is outstanding. Pupils are mostly provided with the right level of challenge.

Children generally do well in the Reception class, where they enjoy their learning.
Pupils feel safe at school because behaviour is well managed and they are taught how to be considerate of each other.

Relationships at the school are caring and contribute to a strong sense of community.
The headteacher and deputy are effective leaders and are committed to doing their best to make the school a positive place where the pupils can succeed.

The governing body is well informed and plays an active role in the school, making sure that teaching and learning are good and that leadership has been established.

Since the last inspection, pupils now do well in mathematics and leaders make better use of information on the pupils in meeting their needs. Pupils are also more confident when evaluating their own work.

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